The 10th CAFEXPO 2014 will be held from September 18 to 20 in Yiwu International Exhibition Center.

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China Art and Frame Expo 2014


September 18 to 20


Yiwu International Exhibition Center

Time: AM 9:00-17:00

Phone: +86.579-89926632

Fax: +86.579-89926612


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About the Show

Thanks for all of attendances toCAFEXPO.Shanghai 2014 inSpring. China Art and Frame Expo 2014 in Autumn will be launched fromSeptember 18 to 20 inYiwu International Exhibition Center, China. It is the largest art and frame show around globalindustry market for all of wholesalers and retailers collected a range of different picture frames, photo frames, mouldings,decorative arts, picture publishers, art materials, framing hardware,relative machinery and technologies. All of exhibitors are the leadingmanufacturers with big production capability from China and foreign art andframing industry. Here, the buyers can get the newest framing mouldings, westernpictures, digital printings, lawfulart reproductions,Giclee, framing equipment, advanced  mat cutters from differentmanufacturers. All of visitors are from museum, wholesale companies and retailshops,galleries, distributors, designers, artists, hotels and restaurants,associations, creators, photographers, CAFEXPO 2014 loves exhibitors with lawfulcopyrights.